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The Lost Art with Steve and Lou 20th Feb 2022 (inc Vivien Lalu Interview)

February 21, 2022

Would you believe it ???

Another week's gone by and you lucky people have yet another three hour mega blast of Prog to keep your week going SWEET. Enjoy the ride peeps, Steve & Lou xx


Joining the celebration.......

Headspace - Die With A Bullet

Movers - The Race

Ajalon - Not Man

Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side - Summer Queen

Pink Floyd - Learning To Fly

Cyril - Desert Crossing

Tool - 7empest

Dream Theater - Constant Motion

Caligula's Horse - Marigold

Wheel - Ascend

Circus Maximus - Abyss

Still Wish You Were Here - Have A Cigar

Evergrey - The Beholder

Voyager - Colours

Lalu - Paint The Sky (Instrumental)

Vivien Lalu interview

Tangerine Dream - Portico

Yes - Perpetual Change