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John from Warbringer speaks to MMH Radio’s Matt Noble

John Kevill, vocalist of Warbringer, stopped by for an indepth chat with MMH - The Home of Rock Radio, to talk all about Warbringer's sixth studio album 'WEAPONS OF TOMORROW' (Napalm Records), the state of the world and the state of metal today.

Losin It With Luscious show #4- Punk rock pleasure!

Losin’ It With Luscious is  bratty, puerile, mature, thoughtful, nihilistic, subtle, unhinged, opiniated commentary and music thrown at the listener like so much rotten, yet strange fruit. From new unknown talents to punk rock royalty, this episode is no exception!

Butthole Surfers “Sweatloaf”

The Black Tones “Ghetto Spaceship”

L7 “(Right On) Thru”

Hot Nun “Spirit of 76”

Buzzcocks “Boredom”

The Authorities “I Hate Cops”

P.G. Allin “You Like Me and I Like You”

Ben Gibbard “Friends in the City”

Grim Deeds “Social Media Distancing”

Crucifucks “I Am The Establishment”

Metal Boys “Tokio Airport”

Sloppy Seconds “Janie was a Nazi”

Marquis De Sade “Cancer and Drugs”

Minutemen “Jesus and Tequila”

Meatmen “War of the Superbikes”

Manowar “Return of the Warlord”

Motorhead “Iron Horse (Live in England 1981)”

U.K. Subs “Hey Santa”

Black Flag “Damaged II”

Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers “Let Go”

Custom Fit “Spontaneous Combustion”

The Hip Priests “Survival of the Shitty”

Kazik Staszewski “Your Pain is Better than Mine”

Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children Mac Nuggits “Ghost Riders in the Hood”

Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine “Electronic Plantation”

City Mouse “Dumb Dumb Dumb”

Screaming Bloody Marys “Rebel Girl”

Brixton Cats “Seche Tes Larmes”

Commandantes “Which Side are you On?”

Arnocorps “Last Action Hero”

Dancing With The Dead May Mixtape

Dancing With The Dead May Mixtape

Each month join Ben Jekyll for a look at the best of the best that we have been lucky enough to have had submitted, all mixed and mashed into one gurt big mix/mash up

This month features music from

The Hawkins - roomer
The Lousekateers - cockatiel boy
Unknown Era - the misfit
Grumpynators - still alive
Idles - mr motivator
The Kids - the family situation
Smiling Assassin - national pride
Naga Siren - heal
Jim Davies - caged
Black Needle Noise - seed of evil feat PiG
Carpenter Brut - maniac
Dance With The Dead - breed
Heart Of Gold - midnight in miami
Haig - never enough
Young Other - all apologies
Orbital Junction - creep
Scarlet Rebrls - you take my breath away
North Atlas - hypnotist
Stratton 5 - glory bound
The Jailbirds - watery grave
The Mercy Kills - alone
Them Evils - where ya gonna crash tonight?
The Pretty Reckless - death by rock and roll
Tides - silver lining
Cloverhill - i will set me free
Dead Reynolds - by your side
Islander - it`s the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine)
From Ashes To New - panic
A Broken Silence - soul
Elysian Divide - loser
Sin 7 - erased
Calling Apollo - break your bones
Dark Sarah - all ears!
Catalyst - locked away
Disconnected - unstoppable
In Hearts Wake - son of a witch
Oceans - against all odds
Razor Sharp Death Blizzard - suicide
Atarka - the bastard
Fractures and Outlines - kerosene
The Wise Mans Feet - firefall
Aversions Crown - born in the gutter
Emmure - uncontrollable descent
Lamb Of God - routes
Vader - bones
Carnifex - curded (isolation mix)
Onslaught - religiousuicide
Chasing Ghosts - bring me suffering
Paradise Lost - darker thoughts

Thank you to every PR company, band manager or band member that has submitted their band or tracks this month. Every single one is very much appreciated and we make sure that every member of the DJ team has access to them to maximise airtime.

This mix was constructed by Ben Jekyll, catch his show on Saturday nights between 8-10pm UK time.

The Lost Art with Steve Gould 31st May 2020

Click away and enjoy 3 hours of awesome Prog Tunes, courtesy of "The Lost Art", only on MMH - The Home Of Rock Radio

Rush - The Spirit Of Radio

Lifesigns - Cardington

Russ Ballard - The Omen

Yes - The Gates Of Delirium (Live)

Billy Sherwood & Tony Kaye - Confess (Live)

Yuval Ron - Objects In the Mirror Are Larger Than They Appear

Gosta Berlings Saga - Basement Traps

The Prodigal Sounds - Listen

The Ikan Method - Golden Cage

Outside In - I Am Not The One

Sublunar - 43%

Fragile - Old Worlds And Kingdoms/Too Late In The Day

Steve Hackett - The Steppes

Mostly Autumn - Echoes (Live)

Opeth - Will O' The Wisp

The Swan Chorus - Stand Together

BLUE SUNDAY with Paul Cash - Sunday 31.05.2020

After a week away, Paul Cash is back in the BLUE SUNDAY Hot Seat!
Blue Sunday 7-8pm every Sunday on MMH - The Home Of Rock Radio

This week we'll be hearing from Juke Joint Pimps, Howlin' Sun, Quaker City Night Hawks, Rival Karma, Imperial Jade, SweetKiss Momma, Crown Lands, The Troy Redfern Band (Troy Redfern), Emmy Award winning Jabo Bihlman / Jabo Bihlman Music, a new one from Samarkind and this weeks 'Love Me Two Times' comes from down under mate and the superb Southbound Snake Charmers!

Thank you so much to MR.B Keith Baldwin of The Blues Cruise for standing in with a Stonking show last week, very much appreciated and see you Sunday at 7pm for the show where R'n'B still mean something and you get your Blues with a Heavy Twist of Rock!

This show was fuelled by the awesome Dead Man's Fingers Rum! Oh YEAH!

💙 Stay Safe & Well, Enjoy The Sun & Tune in to MMH 💙







IMPERIAL JADE – You Aint Seen Nothing Yet



THE TROY REDFERN BAND – John The Revelator



RIVAL KARMA – Apocalypse Boogie



HOWLIN’ SUN - Westbound






Skid’s House of Loud 113 31.05.20

Missed the latest Skid's House of Loud  Show first aired 31st May 2020 playing 2 hours of classic rock and metal spanning genres as well as decades?

This show includes –

Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll

KISS – Rock n Roll hell

Skid Row – Youth gone wild

Sex Pistols – God save the Queen

Peter Gabriel – Mercy Street

Alterbridge – Slip to the void (live)

ASIA – Only time will tell

Wolfmother – Woman

The Cult – Soldier blue

The Stranglers – Something better change

Sons of Apollo – Fall to ascend

Ted Nugent – Stranglehold

Scorpions – We’ll burn the sky

Electric Boys – All lips n hips

Poison – Look what the cat dragged in

Nazareth – Hair of the dog

Bush – Glycerine

Loz Campbell – Back biting the bullet

Tenpole Tudor – Sword of a 1000 men

GUN – Inside out (live)

Jimi Hendrix experience – Gypsy eyes

Iron Maiden – Fortunes of war

Catch Skid every Sunday between 1200-1400 GMT only on MMH – The home of rock radio

Email any future requests via or Tweet him @MMH_Radio #SHOL

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Pedal To The Metal With Mark Parker 30.05.2020

Saturday's Pedal To The Metal podcast is full of new music...well 50% is  We had the featured album of the week from School of Seven Bells with Ghostory plus new music from Puddle of Mudd MUSHROOMHEAD OFFICIAL Powerwolf I Prevail Nanowar Of Steel #Islander From Ashes to New Bonnie Tyler + Lorraine Crosby PULSE Soilwork and Alestorm That's the new stuff. The rest of the music?  Total classics from WENDY JAMES - TRANSVISION VAMP Volbeat Shiny Toy Guns Serious Black - Official Official Motörhead Dread Zeppelin #DamnYankees Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo Paul Carrack Blondie Buzzcocks

Listen to us on the free app on your phone

Heresy with Adz 30.05.2020

This weeks Heresy is now available to listen to and download.

Two hours of industrial / goth / ebm / postpunk etc and this weeks Quantum Leap with Ministry


The Mission - Severina
Pro Patria - Dignity Under Attack
Sensorium - Absolution
Al1ce - For Dead
The Seventh Victim - Blink (Covid-19 Edit)
Beauty In Chaos ft Ashton Nyte - The Outside
Courtesan - Dust
Mushroomhead - The Heresy
Seatemples - Chaosphere
Blue Eyed Christ ft En Esch and Mea Fisher - World On Fire
Die Kreatur - Untergang
A Cloud Of Ravens - Sacrosanct
Siouxsie And The Banshees - New Skin
The Joy Thieves - Genocide Love Song
Chaos Bleak - Empty Morning
M73 vs Negant - The New Machine
Killing Miranda - Discotheque Necronomicon
Vision Video - In My Side
Ministry - I'm Falling
Ministry - Alert Level (Quarantined Mix)
April33 - Rejection
Gothzilla - Tightwire
Cinema Strange - 'Ere The Flowers Unfold
Giant Waves - Love Is A Lie
Gasoline Invertebrate ft Chris Connelly - Scarlet Slip
The Darkstar Calling - Come Undone

Tune in next week 10pm on

PURE ROCK FURY with Paul Cash - Saturday 30.05.2020

After a week away from the Hot Seat, Paul Cash is back at 4pm this Saturday afternoon to bring you some Pure Rock Fury on MMH - The Home Of Rock Radio!!

As we say 'Adios & Goodbye' to the month of May, we've got 6 new tracks from Bullets And Octane, The HU, The Dukes Of Bordello, Just A Ride, Revival Black and Revolverlution!

We also get our groove on when going 'Back In Time', we go 'Undercover', have a cu cu cool 'Guilty Pleasure' along with a couple of requests, a double dose of Clutch and this weeks 'Love Me Two Times' comes from The Stoned Crows!

We'll also be hearing from The Hong Kong Sleepover, Roadhouse Diet Official, Last of the Misfit Heroes, Nuke and the Hellriders, Beastie Boys, #Deville, FM official, Blackberry Smoke, The Rocket Dolls, (The Rocket Dolls Fan Group), Kosmik Boogie Tribe, Lacertilia, Dirty Streets, Daxx & Roxane, (Daxx & Roxane Fans), Fu Manchu, a quality tune from Dätcha Mandala and a little snippet from the fantastic Quarter Wolf YEAH BABY!!!!

Join me every Saturday 4-6pm for PURE ROCK FURY only on MMH.

This show was fuelled by the truly awesome Dead Man's Fingers Rum! Oh YEAH!

💙 Stay Safe & Well, Enjoy the Sun & Tune in to MMH 💙



BULLETS & OCTANE – Riot Riot Rock N Roll



THE HU – Wolf Totem

ROADHOUSE DIET – Underworld Dishonour

FM – Synchronized

LACERTILIA – Cloaks & Daggers


THE DUKES OF BORDELLO – Think I’m Turning Psycho

DAXX & ROXANE – Sugar Rush

FU MANCHU – Jailbreak


MAMBO KURT – Thunderstruck


JUST A RIDE – I Wanna Know

CLUTCH – Big News 1

CLUTCH – Big News 2

THE ROCKET DOLLS – Blueprint For A Breakdown


WAYLON JENNINGS – Theme from Dukes of Hazard

BLACKBERRY SMOKE – Waiting For The Thunder


REVOLVERLUTION – Set The Night On Fire




QUARTER WOLF – Adios & Goodbye





Dancing With The Dead May 30

Almost halfway through the year.

I would say it`s been a very tasty year for tunes, not much else sadly, but here`s hoping that changes really soon.

This week we were stacked with awesome new music from

Stratton 5 - dread boy
Cloverhill - i will set me free
Cosmic Ninja - break the silence
Violet Orlandi - narcissistic cannibal 20.00
Idles - mr motivator
The Kids - the family situation
The Mercy Kills - alone
Them Evils - where ya gonna crash tonight?
Hybrid Children - gimme some blackout
LeBrock - hollow
Dance With The Dead - breed
40,000 Leagues - ain`t nobody
Islander - it`s the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine)
Dead Reynolds - by your side
Catalyst - locked away
Chasing Ghosts - bring me suffering
Paradise Lost - darker thoughts
Static X - all these years
Bad//Dreems - desert television
In Hearts Wake - hellbringer
Elysian Divide - loser
Atarka - the bastard
Exhumed - rot your brain
Gruesome - a mind decayed
Morbid Angel - prayer of hatred

Catch the show in its normal spot of 8-10pm UK time via

Drop a mail to if you would like to submit a track for airplay or if you would like to pick the classic to close on.

Podcast for The Whizbanger Show 29 May 2020 The Fuzzy-Lifting Doomalicious Episode!

Thanks for hanging out with me yesterday for this riff-tastic show, featuring bands from the Fuzzy Cracklins goodie-bag! Did ya miss the show? Wanna hear it again? Share it with all'a yer pals? You don't even have to ask. Featured this week: 

Vampire’s Sound Incorporated, Body Count, Puresonic Outcasts, Annihilitia, Protest SG, Façade, Moon Mother, Acid Mammoth, Zeal & Ardor, Church of Misery, Green Hog, The Black Wizards, Monolord, Acid King, Witch, Psychedelic Witchcraft, Yob, Smoulder, Fog Cult, Hazemaze, Pyraweed, Windhand



Pete K Mally Breakfast Show 30th May 2020

Featuring this week;

Theme Tune from the Munsters -The Great TV Crew
Bon Jovi - Hey God
BlitZ - Born To Rock
Ryders Creed- Memories
Journey -Dont Stop Believin'
Baleful Creed - End Game
Little Angels - Big Bad World
Ricky Warwick - Tattoos and Alibis
Metallica - Atlas, Rise
Steven Page - The Work At Hand
Cancel the Transmission -
Trouble County - Lost in The Fall
Midnite City - Here Comes The Party
No Doubt - Spiderwebs
Tomorrow IS Lost - White Noise
Winger - Seventeen
Terrorvision - American TV
Richie Sambora - Father Time
Guns N Roses - Patience
Foo Fighters - Let It Die
The City Kids - Best Of You
Massive Wagons - Bangin' In Your Stereo
Skindred - Playing With The Devil
Scorpions -Bad Boys Running Wild
Hollowstar - Good Man Gone

The Stonedead Radio Show Friday May 29th 2020

More memories of the Donington Monsters Of Rock festivals from the 80s and 90s, plus looking forward to Stonedead 2020!

Track List -

Machine Head - Davidian

Whitesnake - Bad Boys (Live At Donington 1990)

Y&T - Mean Streak (Live At Donington 1984)

Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills (Live At Donington 1992)

Shades Of Gray - Shout!

Wolfsbane - Money To Burn

Chrome Molly - Shooting Me Down

The Quireboys - Misled

Hawkwind - Urban Guerilla

ACDC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Live At Donington 1991)

Anvil - Winged Assassins

Dio - Straight Through The Heart (Live At Donington 1983)

HEAT - Eye Of The Storm

More - Warhead

Biohazard - What Makes Us Tick

Gary Moore - Cold Hearted (Live At Donington 1984)

Blue Oyster Cult - Burnin’ For You

Riot - Road Racin’ (Live At Donington 1980)

Saxon - Wheels Of Steel (Live At Donington 1980)

Blackfoot - Highway Song

Hand Of Dimes - Guilty

Rainbow - Eyes Of The World (Live At Donington 1980)

Thunder - Don’t Wait For Me (Live At Donington 1990)

Moon And Stars Sound of The Underground- 29.05.20

For those that missed this weeks Sound Of The Underground!


Tracks on this weeks show

  1. Shadow In The Darkness-The Aboriginal Story Teller
  2. Poccolus-Vikolakiai
  3. Akolyth-What Dwells Between Fractured Wor
  4. Misanthropic Rituals- Dweller In Nocturnes
  5. Ara-Etmologicide
  6. Frust-Frozen Sun
  7. Urfiend-Forged By Fire
  8. Bethlehem-3rd Nocturnal Prayer 
  9. Me And That Man-Burning Churches
  10. Masters Hammer-Ritual
  11. Chaos Path-Hallowed Till The Downfall
  12. Celtic Frost- Circle Of Tyrants
  13. Ghoatwhore-Apocalyptic Havoc
  14. Kaldvard-Tilbrake
  15. Tenebree-Heretica Negacion De Maule
  16. Abhorent-Sabbat


Thanks to everyone who tuned in and sent over their submissions.



The Global Onslaught with Ben Jekyll Covered Up Edition

Filling on for Adam Onslaught Ben Jekyll thought it would be fun to cover a show with a covers show.

So, we had the world of rock, pop, punk, metal and industrial clashing and reinterpreting 

Dilinger Escape Plan - jesus christ pose
Dance With The Dead - breed
Carpenter Brut - maniac
AFI - head like a hole
Nine Inch Nails - dead souls
Celldweller - tragedy
Dope - people are people
Pain - elenor rigby
White Collar Sideshow - break on through to the other side
Volbeat - i only wanna be with you
Black Spiders - no class
Downfall 2012 - folsom prison blues
Clutch - fortunate son
Faith No More - war pigs
Dream Evil - my number one
Front Line Assembly - amadeus
Trope - shout
Bowling For Soup - when angels sing
Not Ur Girlfrenz - i`m not okay
Anthrax - carry on wayward son
Five Finger Death Punch - gone away
Bad Wolves - zombie
Fightstar - fear of the dark
Metallica - the more i see
Dimmu Borgir - burn in hell
Arch Enemy - aces high
Decapitated - mandatory suicide
The Berzerker - corporal jigsore quandary
Slayer - guilty of being white

Last week Adz of Heresy (Saturday 10pm till midnight) filled the gap, next week Sara Whizbanger is pulling double duty, who else will step in?

Catch Ben Jekyll in his usual spot. 8-10pm UK time on a Saturday night via

Feel free to suggest or complain about the choices via 

Darkside - 28th-May-2020 - 2 Hours of the Darker side of Metal

2 hours every week in the best of Black / Death / Doom metal


Playlist 28-5-2020

The Crypt of Slumbering Madness - LIVE_BURIAL

666 - Rotting Christ

Unholy cult - Immolation

Break Take Live - Eleine

Exiles  - Mord a Stigmata 

Cups of anger - Enepsigos

black chariot - Carrion Vael

blood rite of liberation - Xpus

hedonistic - Abysmal Dawn

dying god coming into human flesh - Celtic Frost

summoning redemption - Morbid Angel

Non infinite sequence - Abdominal Putridity

Saturn - Omega Infinity

The Rope - Benighted

Into the Depths - Sepulchral Curse

Born to Thrash - Destruction

Bleed - Meshuggah

Were saviour believers - Medico Peste

Act V - Repentance - Wardaemonic

Born in the gutter - Aversions Crown

The Breakfast Show Friday May 29th 2020

Another two hours packed full of classic rock tunes, new releases and more!

Track List -

ACDC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Joe Bonamassa - Dirt In My Pocket

Girlschool - Screaming Blue Murder

Black Veil Brides - New Religion

Battlezone - Rip It Up

Bad Company - Feel Like Makin’ Love

Thin Lizzy - Warriors

Awake By Design - The Coming Tide

Avantasia - States Of Matter

Spidervayne - Sundance

Alter Bridge - In The Deep

Status Quo - Caroline

Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation

David Lee Roth - A Lil’ Ain’t Enough

Black Stone Cherry - Such A Shame

Cinderella - If You Don’t Like It

Hell’s Addiction - The Way I Feel

Airbourne - Girls In Black

Thin Lizzy - Do Anything You Want To

Iron Maiden - Lightning Strikes Twice

Massive Wagons - Bangin’ In Your Stereo

Secret Rule - Purgatory

FM - American Girls

Kiss The Gun - Flight Of The Phoenix

Thin Lizzy - Cold Sweat

Deep Purple - Space Truckin’

Interview with Tim Howley of Fit For An Autopsy, May 2020

Courtney Black's full interview via Zoom with Tim Howley, guitarist in Fit For An Autopsy.

They discuss the lockdown, the band and their recently cancelled tour.

A section of this interview was aired on the Metal Soiree show on 28th May 2020.

Rockhammer Show 9 28th May 2020 with Stevie J

Track Listing for the show:

#AdrenalineMob- The Mob Rules


#Fozzy- Under Blackened Skies

#Anvil-The Ride

#Godsmack-What If?

#Nuclear Assault- Another Violent End

#Disturbed- The Vengeful One

#WhiteyKirst- The Web of the Spider


#AC/DC- Riff Raff

#PhilCampbell- These Old Boots


#Hellyeah- Human

#ParadiseLost- Ghosts

#Godsmack- Crying Like A bitch

#ThreeDaysgrace- I hate everything about you

#Motorhead- Born to Raise hell

#OzzyOsbourne- Under The Graveyard

#SerjTankian- Empty Walls

#Godsmack- I stand Alone

#MachineHead- Locust

#SystemOfaDown- Dreaming 

Courtney Black’s Metal Soiree, 28th May 2020

Tracks played this week;

AC/DC – Thunderstruck

Bring Me The Horizon – Can You Feel My Heart

Flyleaf – I’m So Sick

Crossfaith – Monolith

Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists

Papa Roach – Between Angels and Insects

Bullet For My Valentine – Scream Aim Fire

Death Valley Knights – Return of the Old Gods

Callidus – Devil Inside

Assimilate – Vicious Circle

Beefywink – Feel Me?

Blame The Sacred - Home

Dustron - Damnation Awaits

Evanescence – Going Under

Fit For An Autopsy – The Sea of Tragic Beasts

Deaf Havana – Little White Lies

Hactivist - Hactivist

New Years Day – Shut Up

Of Mice and Men – Another You

Rammstein – Feuer frei!

Ozzy Osbourne – I Don’t Wanna Stop

Within Temptation – Summertime Sadness (cover)

The Amity Afflication – Pittsburg

Crystal Lake - Apollo

That 90s Kid - Ash Lynch 27.05.20


Don’t worry, Listen to the show whenever you want via our website/App, following broadcast...


That 90’s Kid presents the soundtrack of a generation. Every week, That 90s Kid takes Wednesday Nights through the generation of music that started in 1990. We talk News, Wrestling and the Hot Topic of the Week. With a whole section, dedicated to the glory of the Moshpit....


Follow Me on Facebook/Instagram




Slaves – One More Day Wont Hurt

Sick Love – I’m So

IDLES – Mr. Motivator

Jet Jaguar – Blinding Lights

Shinedown – Atlas Falls

The Veer Union – White Flag

Bring Me The Horizon – Follow You

Jxdn – Angels and Demons

X Ambassadors – Zen

Wilson – Dumptruck

In This Moment – Roots

Versus Me – Real Life Monsters

Massive Wagons – Bangin In Your Stereo

Car Seat Headrest – Hollywood

We Are Scientists – I Cut My Own Hair

Neverland in Ashes – Miles & Miles

Haken – Invasion

Crossfaith – Truth of Insanity

Upon a Burning Body – 5x3

Make Them Suffer – Soul Decay

Elwood Stray – Transparent

Of Mice and Men – Instincts

Tetrarch – I’m Not Right

PERMO – Bloodlust

While She Sleeps – Hurricane

Mike Shinoda – Crossing A Line

The 5:55 – Want More of it

Pantent Pending – Hey Mario

The Rule Breakers 26.05.2020

The Rule Breakers Podcast 26.05.2020

This week we had a Road Trip Themed Playlist to compliment The Rule Breakers Bank Holiday Special!

We played #Records from Wolf Alice, Soundgarden, Garbage, Fever 333, L7, Bob Dylan, These Wicked Rivers, Nelson Can, Queen, The Doors, Hayley Williams, Pearl Jam, Hozier, Body Count, The Beatles, John Lennon, Cigarettes After Sex, Ridger Waters, Elbow, Run The Jewels & Stevie Nicks

Listen Again Here!!


#MMH #RadioShow #Podcast #Birmingham #BlackCountry #Vinyl #LoveVinyl #LoveMusic #Analog #Midlands #Metalheads #MidlandsMetalheadsRadio #Radio #TheRuleBreakers #LexiFrances #Folk #Grunge #Rock #Unplugged #Brum #Brummie #Metal #HomeOfRock


This Week's Playlist:

- Wolf Alice - Yuk Foo

- Soundgarden - Burden In My Hand

- Garbage - Bleed Like Me

- FEVER 333 - Animal (ft DMC)

- L7 - Fake Friends (ft Joan Jett)

- Bob Dylan - Stuck Inside a Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again

- Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls

- The Doors - Love Street

- Hayley Williams - Leave It Alone

- Nelson Can - Downtown

- Milky Chance - Scarlet Paintings (Stay Home Sessions)

- Pearl Jam - Retrograde

- Beauty In Chaos - 20th Century Boy (ft Rolan Bolan & Wayne Hussey)

- These Wicked Rivers - Floyd

- Hozier - Talk

- Body Count - Cop Killer

- The Beatles - A Day In The Life

- John Lennon - Oh Yoko

- Cigarettes After Sex - You're All I Want

- Rodger Waters - Mother

- Siouxsie & The Banshees - Arabian Knights

- Elbow - Lippy Kids (ElbowRooms)

- Run The Jewels - Ooh La La

- Stevie Nicks - Edge of the Deep Green Sea

Pedal To The Metal With Mark Parker 25.05.2020 Bank Holiday Special

So on this very special bank holiday all of us at MMH - The Home Of Rock Radio decided to do show of what we considered to be our most influential albums, something that meant something to us growing up. Mine it seems was the weird one of the bunch of which you can see below was definitely that

Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack - Overture

Carole King - Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

Elton John - The Ballad Of Danny Bailey (1909-1934)

Ian Dury And The Blockheads - I'm Partial To Your Abracadabra

Derek and Clive - Jump

Japan - Life in Tokyo (Original 12" Version 1979)

The Human League - Circus of Death

The Human League - Empire State Human

The Pet Shop Boys - Being Boring

Queensryche - Silent Lucidity

You can listen to MMH in a number of ways

Search for MMH - The Home Of Rock Radio on iTunes TuneIn or AmazonAlexa

Losin It With Luscious show #3 1 hour of Influences!

16 of us MMH DJs skipped the conventions of Top Ten Challenges on social media and selected their Top Ten Most Influential Albums of All Time- tune in and hear what Jesse Luscious had to say and spin! 

AC/DC “The Jack”

The Runaways “Cherry Bomb”

Devo “Beautiful World”

Dead Milkmen “Bitchin’ Camaro”

Ruin “China”

Feederz “Jesus Entering From The Rear” ("Let Them Eat Jellybeans" compilation)

Flipper “In Life My Friends”

Public Enemy “Rightstarter (Message To A Black Man)”

Johnny Cash “A Boy Named Sue”

Isaac Hayes “Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic"

The Rule Breakers 25.05.2020

The Rule Breakers May Band Holiday Podcast 25.05.2020

This years Bank Holiday Special, all DJ's picked 1 song off each of their Top 10 Favourite Albums!!

From this, I played #Records from Buckingham Nicks, Hozier, The Beatles, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Lou Reed, The Cure, Pixies, Mother Love Bone and David Bowie

Listen Again Here!!


#MMH #RadioShow #Podcast #Birmingham #BlackCountry #Vinyl #LoveVinyl #LoveMusic #Analog #Midlands #Metalheads #MidlandsMetalheadsRadio #Radio #TheRuleBreakers #LexiFrances #Folk #Grunge #Rock #Unplugged #Brum #Brummie #Metal #HomeOfRock


Special Playlist: 

  • Buckingham Nicks - Frozen Love
  • Nirvana - Come As Your Are (Unplugged)
  • The Cure - From The Edge of The Deep Green Sea
  • Lou Reed - Satellite of Love
  • Soundgarden - Outshined
  • Mother Love Bone - Stardog Champion
  • Pearl Jam - Getaway
  • The Beatles - I Need You
  • Pixies - Monkey Gone To Heaven
  • Hozier - It Will Come Back
  • David Bowie - Time

The Rule Breakers 19.05.2020

The Rule Breakers Podcast 19.05.2020

This week we had a special dedication to Chris Cornell by reflecting on his roots and musical influences. As well as some new tunes and #LockdownAnthems!

We played #Records from Chris Cornell, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Cage The Elephant, Bob Dylan, Joy Division, These Wicked Rivers, Supertramp, Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens, Hayley Williams, Grateful Dead, Leadbelly, Temple of The Dog, Evanescence, The Doors, ACDC, Sex Pistols, Mother Love Bone, Papa Hoops, Soundgarden & Led Zeppelin

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  • Chris Cornell - Seasons
  • Neil Young - Try
  • Pearl Jam - Retrograde
  • Cage The Elephant - Black Madonna
  • Bob Dylan - One More Cup of Coffee (live)
  • Joy Division - Ceremony
  • These Wicked Rivers - Evergreen
  • Supertramp - Take The Long Way Home
  • Yusuf/Cat Stevens - Home
  • Hayley Williams - Crystal Clear
  • Grateful Dead - Touch of Grey
  • Leadbelly - Rock Island Line
  • Temple of The Dog - Say Hello 2 Heaven
  • Evanescence - 4th of July
  • The Doors - Waiting for the Sun
  • AC/DC - Problem Child
  • Sex Pistols - Submission
  • Mother Lone Bone - Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns
  • Papa Hoops - Black Hole Sun
  • Soundgarden - Earache My Eye
  • Led Zeppelin - In My Time of Dying

The Rule Breakers 12.05.2020

The Rule Breakers Podcast 12.05.2020

This week we had more #NewMusic to add to your #LockdownPlaylists as well as a special dedication for Little Richard 🎶 

We played #Records from Pixies, New York Dolls, Sonic Youth, Rock From The Crypt, Pearl Jam, The Byrds, Manfred Mann, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Hollies, Ruelle, Lorn Huron, Deep Purple, Dirty Projectors, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Johnny Cash, John Lennon, Sam Cooke, Queen, Little Richard, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Bruce Springsteen, Pete Seeger, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails & Tom Waits

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#MMH #RadioShow #Podcast #Birmingham #BlackCountry #Vinyl #LoveVinyl #LoveMusic #Analog #Midlands #Metalheads #MidlandsMetalheadsRadio #Radio #TheRuleBreakers #LexiFrances #Folk #Grunge #Rock #Unplugged #Brum #Brummie #Metal #HomeOfRock


This Weeks Playlist:

- Pixies - Nimrods Son

- New York Dolls - Subway Train

- Sonic Youth - Personality Crisis

- Rocket From the Crypt - On A Rope

- Pearl Jam - Cross River

- The Byrds - Turn Turn Turn

- Manfred Mann - Mighty Quinn

- Led Zeppelin - Babe I'm Gonna Leave

- The Beatles - I'm Looking Through You

- The Hollies - Stop Stop Stop

- Ruelle - Game of Survival

- Lorn Huron - The Night We Met

- Deep Purple - Man Alice

- Dirty Projectors - Overlord

- Creedence Clearwater Revival - Good Golly Miss Molly

- Johnny Cash - Get Rhythm

- John Lennon - Slippin' & Slidin'

- Sam Cooke - Send Me Some Lovin'

- Queen - Tutti Frutti

- Little Richard - Rip It Up

- Bob Dylan - False Prophet

- Joan Baez - Will You Go Lassie Go

- Bruce Springsteen - Erie Canal

- Pete Seeger - Little Boxes

- The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes

- Nine Inch Nails - Out In The Open

- Tom Waits - In The Neighbourhood

Podcast for The Whizbanger Show 25 May Bank Holiday Album Extravaganza!

That was fun. 

Here's the list of songs from albums that meant stuff. Cheers!

Judas Priest, Motorhead, Clown Alley, Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Brains, Cocksparrer, GBH, Poison Idea, Fear, Cycle Sluts from Hell, Tribe 8 

Pete K Mally MayDay Bank Holiday Top 10 albums

My most influential albums ever in one wee radio show. 



Aeromith - Magic Touch
Iron Maiden - Can I play with Madness
Stevie Wonder - Pastime Paradise
Wayward Sons - Alive
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Knock me down
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Taste the Pain
Counting Crows -Rain King Live
Counting Crows - Sullivan Street
Living Colour - Leave it Alone
Iron Maiden - Infinite Dream
Aerosmith - Hangman Jury
Big Country - One Great Thing

Mr B’s Top 10 Album Thingy - 25th May 2020

So, this is what happens when you are asked to play a track from 10 albums that influenced your musical tastes. I could easily add so many more but here are 10 to be going on with until we do this all over again!


The Jam - The Modern World

AC/DC - Touch Too Much

REO Speedwagon - Take it on the run

Paul Weller - Above the Clouds

Dire Straits - It never rains

BOC - Astronomy

Gary Moore - Still got the blues for you

Hawkwind - Spirit Of The Age

Joe Satriani - Can't slow down

The Hamsters - Little Wing

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