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Rockhammer With Stevie J -Show 99 Featuring Stone Sour

February 24, 2022

Stevie J Plays the following Tracks:

Exciter-Heavy Metal Maniac
Stone Sour-YSIF
Stone Sour-Tapai Person/ Allah Tea
Green Lung-Leaders Of The Blind
Faith No More-War Pigs
Spirit Adrift-Wake Up
Dream Widow-March Of The Insane
Stone Sour-The House Of Gold And Bones
Hell Pie-Rubber Bullets
Howling Giant-Cybermancer & The Doomsday Express
Black Coast-Ache
Breathe Atlantis-Break The silence
Burning-Razors & Reason
Stone Sour-Unchained
Death Sentence-Parker Shogren
Mother Vulture-Rabbit Hole
Freedom Hawk-Land Of The Lost
Stone Sour-Get Inside
Hot Ram-Conamara Chaos
Motorhead-Bite The Bullet

Exciter, Stone Sour, Green Lung, Faith No More, Spirit Adrift, Dream Widow, Hell Pie, Howling Giant,
Black Coast, Motorhead, Venator, Death Sentence,Mother Vulture, Breathe Atlantis, Burning, Freedom Hawk,
Hot Ram, Saturna,
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