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Rockhammer with Stevie J- Show 96 Featuring Armored Saint

February 3, 2022

Stevie J Plays the following tracks:

Motorhead-See Me Burning
Papa Roach-Kill The Noise
Nomadic Narwhal-Arrival
Honey Bone Rush-Triskaidekaphobia
South Of Eden-Drop Dead Legs
Armored Saint-End Of The Attention Span
Black Sabbath-Turn Up The Night
Dee Snider-I Gotta Rock (Again)
The Watchers-Buzzard
Enforcer-Undying Evil
Armored Saint-Win Hands Down
The Pinpricks-Bait
Ozzy Osbourne-Diary Of A Madman
New Habits-Pulling Petals
Baroness-Take My Bones away
Florence Black-Bird On A Chain
Judas Priest-Ram It Down
Armored Saint-Reign Of Fire
Alice In Chains-Rooster

Motorhead, Alice In Chains, Mastodon, Armored Saint, Perceived, Judas Priest, Florence Black, 
Baroness, New Habits, Ozzy Osbourne, The Pinpricks, Enforcer, The Watchers, Dee Snider, Black Sabbath,
South Of Eden, Honey Bone Rush, Kurokuma, Nomadic Narwhal, Papa Roach, Megadeth, 
Rockhammer with Stevie J, Rock Radio, Heavy Metal, Heavy Rock, Stevie J, Rockshow, Rockhammer,