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Pedal To The Dead Vol 3

June 12, 2022

Can Ben Jekyll match the sheer chaos of a Mark Parker flavoured edition of Pedal To The Metal?

He certainly has the noise for it with tunes from

Oceans - i want to be whole again
Wrex - paradise
Profiler - glitch theory
Of Virtue - hypocrite
Aviana - anomaly
Oni - secret feat Randy Blythe & Iggy Pop
Space Of Variations - someone else
Imonolith - the reign feat Jens Kidman
Asking Alexandria - faded out feat Within Temptation
The Oklahoma Kid - dye pink to black
Roadkiller - night rider
Ithaca - camera eats first
Creature - lines
Nicholas Cage Fighter - shrine of wire
Invictus - exiled
Rituals - in devastation
Kublai Khan TX - taipan
The Amsterdam Red Light District - threatened generation
Thornhill - raw
Silverstein - die alone
Void Of Vision - altar feat Hannah Greenwood
Low Gear - chemical burn
Joshua Travis - distain
Cage Fight - killer
Decapitated - iconoclast fet Robb Flynn

Mark Parker will be back Saturday night from 6pm UK time next weekend

Ben Jekyll will also be back next Saturday night from 8pm UK hosting his regular show, Dancing With The Dead