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Pedal To The Dead Vol 2

June 5, 2022

Can Ben Jekyll match the sheer chaos of a Mark Parker flavoured edition of Pedal To The Metal?

He certainly has the noise for it with tunes from

Supreme Unbeing - i prevail
Celavi - tempest
Tungsten - bliss
Suasion - transformation
blacktoothed - you never know
Future Palace - defeating gravity
Far`N`Hate - change
The Amsterdam Red Light District - trapped
Imonolith - the lesson
Bury Me Where I Fall - footsteps
Space Of Variations - imago
Through The Void - answer
Confess - hegemony
Bleed From Within - levitate
Esprit D`Air - the abyss
Landmvrks - death feat Drew York
Kublai Kahn TX - swan song
Railgun - no machine
Malevolence - life sentence
thrown - parasite
Void Of Vision - dominatrix
narrative in motion
Limbs - slow burn
Memphis May Fire - your turn
Joshua Travis - leviathan
Dead Velvet - lonely wreck
The Oklahoma Kid - melt into you
Cabal - magno interitus
Aeveris - segregating the wicked
Extinction A.D. - 1992
Crown Magnetar - hatesphere
Septic Flesh - neuromancer
Carbon Black - red flag

Mark Parker will be back Saturday night from 6pm UK time next weekend

Ben Jekyll will also be back next Saturday night from 8pm UK hosting his regular show, Dancing With The Dead