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Moon And Stars Sound of The Underground- 29.05.20

May 30, 2020

For those that missed this weeks Sound Of The Underground!


Tracks on this weeks show

  1. Shadow In The Darkness-The Aboriginal Story Teller
  2. Poccolus-Vikolakiai
  3. Akolyth-What Dwells Between Fractured Wor
  4. Misanthropic Rituals- Dweller In Nocturnes
  5. Ara-Etmologicide
  6. Frust-Frozen Sun
  7. Urfiend-Forged By Fire
  8. Bethlehem-3rd Nocturnal Prayer 
  9. Me And That Man-Burning Churches
  10. Masters Hammer-Ritual
  11. Chaos Path-Hallowed Till The Downfall
  12. Celtic Frost- Circle Of Tyrants
  13. Ghoatwhore-Apocalyptic Havoc
  14. Kaldvard-Tilbrake
  15. Tenebree-Heretica Negacion De Maule
  16. Abhorent-Sabbat


Thanks to everyone who tuned in and sent over their submissions.