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Losin It With Luscious #98 Blackened death thrash punks, 924 Gilman, Slayer, & the Slackers!

May 23, 2022

Hear the UK debut of Oakland's Blackened Death Thrashers Phantasmal Abyss, new punk & metal from Charger, Parallel States, Pengshui, James Domestic, Sub Rosa, Booze And Glory, Christian Blunda/Mean Jeans, All Them Witches, Snuff, new rocksteady from The Slackers, classic punk, ska, & metal from Crimpshrine, Blatz, Operation Ivy, The Freeze, Screeching Weasel, Dogpiss, Bush Tetras, Effigies, Crazy Baldhead, Citizen Fish, Killing Joke, Feederz, Joy Division, Cross Stitched Eyes, Voivod, Elected Officials, Slayer, The Eat, Blood Command, Municipal Waste, & the Luscious Listener's Choice!

Sub Rosa- Scene Report
Crimpshrine- Freewill
Operation Ivy- Gonna Find You
Blatz- Berkeley Is My Baby (And I Want To Kill It)
Freeze- Trouble If You Hide
Elected Officials- Death For Sale
Christian Blunda- Inside A Black Hole
Eat- Communist Radio
Blood Command- Here Next To Murderous
All Them Witches- Enemy Of My Enemy
Phantasmal Abyss- Odyssey Of Eternal Nightmares
Municipal Waste- Sadistic Magician
Slayer- Vices
Voivod- Build Your Weapons
Pengshui- Eat The Rich
Cross Stitched Eyes- The Pattern
Michael Haggerty- Into The Glow
Joy Division- These Days
James Domestic- Bean Counter
Feederz- 1984
Killing Joke- Wardance
Effigies- Security
Citizen Fish- PC Musical Chairs
Crazy Baldhead- Boots Embraces
Slackers- Hanging On
Bush Tetras- Das Ah Riot
Booze And Glory- The Street I Call My Own 
Snuff- Bing Bong
Dogpiss- Ed's Bomber
Parallel States- Downpipe
Screeching Weasel- Murder In The Brady House
Charger- Black Motor