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Losin It With Luscious #83 WKRP In Cincinnati & the Punx!

February 7, 2022

Hear how WKRP in Cincinnati made Jesse Luscious who he is today, new punk from Last Gang, Billy Bio, Vaxxines, Soot Suite, Stolen Moans, Talk Show Host, PerfectParachutePicture, classics from The Damned, Rancid, Pink, Crucifucks, Basic Bitches, Tegan and Sara, Mr. T Experience, Allvaret, Menace, Aerobitch, Joy Division, Dash Rip Rock, Bad Brains, Agnostic Front, Custom Fit, The Business, Perkele, Old Firm Casuals, Cliterati, Kraut, Fang, Christ On Parade, X-Ray Spex, Fear, Tesco Vee, and The Luscious Listener's Choice!


Steve Carlisle- WKRP in Cincinnati Main Theme
Jim Ellis- WKRP in Cincinnati Closing Theme
Soot Sprite- Poltergeists
Talk Show Host- Blood In The Sand
Tegan and Sara- We Didn't Do It
Mr. T Experience- …And I Will Be With You
Allvaret- Trasiga Barn
Menace- G.L.C.
PerfectParachutePicture- Don't Bow
Aerobitch- How Many Times
Joy Division- Twenty Four Hours
Tesco Vee- God's Bullies
Fear- New York's Alright (If You Like Saxaphones)
X-Ray Spex- I Am A Poseur
Stolen Moans- Falling Into
Vaxxines- ACAB
Christ On Parade- Everyone's Crazy
Fang- Drunk & Crazy
Basic Bitches- Mass Shootings and Donald Trump
Kraut- Kill For Cash
Billy Bio- One Life To Live
Cliterati- Redneck, White and Blue
Old Firm Casuals- God and Guns
Perkele- Heads Held High
Business- Spirit of the Street
Custom Fit- Forever Strong
Agnostic Front- Fascist Attitudes
Bad Brains- Sailin On
Crucifucks- Democracy Spawns Bad Taste
Crucifucks- Go Bankrupt and Die
Dash Rip Rock- Fall Down, Go Boom
Cramps- Green Fuzz
X - Sugarlight
Last Gang- Intelligence Is A Plague
Rancid- Fall Back Down
Pink- Hooker
Damned- Keep 'Em Alive