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Heresy with Adz 26.02.2022

February 27, 2022

The podcast of last nights Heresy is now available, so if you missed it, or just want to listen again - you know what to do

On this weeks features we had Snog in #HeresysQuantumLeap. Skinny Puppy starred in #SoundtrackSoundbites and The Bolshoi took a joyride #OnTheFlipside


Psychosomatik - Bullfighter (Extended Club Mix)
David J - Vampire Blues
The Birthday Massacre - Once Again
Collide Icy Cold
Damsel In The Dollhouse - It’s A Good Day
Skinny Puppy - Cult
Gothzilla - Raspberry Swirl
Painted Romans - The Begging Existence
Soulsavers ft Mark Lanegan - Kingdoms Of Rain
Iris - Hell’s Coming With Me
The Bolshoi - Boxes
Chameleons - Return Of The Roughnecks
Pure Obsessions and Red Nights - As It Glows In The Dark
Sulpher - Bridges Over Borders
Health / Poppy - Dead Flowers
Rabbit Junk - The Grind
Fatigue - The Fall (Pierce Me)
Long After Midnight - I Want To Believe
Snog - Corporate Slave
Snog - The Armies Of The Undead
Then Comes Silence - Rise To The Bait
The Damage Manual - Sunset Gun (303 Mix)
Wayne Hussey / Julianne Regan - You’ll Never Walk Alone